'Burbs I Belong To: Buffy the Journal Slayer and I Quit.

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2002-10-13 - 9:07 p.m.

Life is very interesting isn't it? As soon as you think you have a hold on life and the direction it is going, well - whammy! Things change in ways you could never expect. Or dare to hope for, for that matter.

Cor and I are dancing a very interesting and very lovely dance right now. He is slowly coming back into my life. This scares me in some ways, but more than anything makes me very, very happy.

We are taking things slowly. We have to after all of the trauma we have been through. But for the first time in more months than I care to think about I feel like there is hope. My heart is back in its rightful place.

So, I am trying to keep the delerious happiness tempered by a good dose of common sense.

My love is finally coming back. I have been missing him for so long. Even before he left me physically, he left both of us emotionally. Finally, he is coming home.

Until Next Time...


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