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2002-10-31 - 11:46 p.m.

Halloween is almost over. I had a nice, low key day. The evening was definitely the best - Cor came over and we had dinner and dessert. It was really relaxing and wonderful to hang out with him. Especially when just being around him lifted me out of the grumpiness I had been carrying around most of the day.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me. In the morning I am off to the Red Cross to do a platelet donation for a special cancer program. I have good blood and they called me to participate in this program - how could I say no?

In the afternoon I have a job interview. I don't know anything about the company or the specifics of the job, but it is part time and close to school. Oh, and that I will be wearing long sleeves so that they don't see the bruises on my arms from the donation. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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