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2002-12-16 - 2:49 p.m.

It has been a busy few days in my little world. I thought I had scored a month long temp assignment; then the hiring manager who knew upfront about my scheduling issues decided that he couldn't work with my schedule after all. Grrrr... Fortunately I was able to segue into a week long position. Although this new position does not last as long, it does have the distinct advantage of internet access.

Despite the continuing employment woes that are plaguing me, I was able to have a lovely weekend. I worked on Saturday morning (good for the pocket book), went to a really fun party on Saturday night, and had a magical Sunday with Cor.

The party was a fancy-schmancy company Christmas party that I attended with a dear friend. The theme was Hollywood Glamour/Red Carpet. I wore a darling black dress with floral embroidered accents and strappy black sandals with very high heels. I am confident that I looked good because I got a bevy of compliments from other women. Which, generally speaking is a pretty good sign.

I think that I probably had more fun at the party than my friend did. Of course, I didn't have to worry about who I needed to impress or any of the other political BS that tends to come with Company gatherings. I was able to enjoy the delicious dinner and have a cocktail or two (mmmmm....Cape Cod's). It was a bonus that I met some really fun people while I was there!

After catching a few hours of sleep, Cor came over on Sunday and we spent the day out and about in Old Town. We had a fancy lunch, did some Christmas shopping, and generally had a really nice time together.

Happily for me, he decided to come home with me for the evening. So the good times were able to continue. We didn't do anything too exciting once we got home, but it was really wonderful to be able to just hang out with the Cor I fell in love with.

So, needless to say I am still feeling giddy and riding on the wave of love. I do believe that I have been struck by Cupid's Arrow all over again. *grin*

Now all I need is for the rain to stop when it is time for me to drive home.

Until Next Time...


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