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2003-02-12 - 3:39 p.m.

It has been raining for the nearly 12 hours that I have been awake. It has been the kind of non-stop rain that you might associate with just about any part of the country except southern California. All of the local news stations have been doing special “storm watch” coverage. You might think that it was not just rain falling, but the sky. Of course, we are not equipped to deal with rain in any quantity. The streets flood, people forget how to drive, and well the world comes to a screeching halt.

I am enjoying the weather though. I have a big mug of hot tea and am watching the rain fall from a warm and cozy room. I will have to venture out later in the day, but even then I don’t have to drive more than 2 miles to get to work. I am enjoying being able to wear a warm sweater – it is almost like a real winter day.

Days like this make me nostalgic for when I was a college student in Boston. It wasn’t until I transferred to Emerson College as a junior that I experienced my first real fall and winter. It was magical! That year Boston got 104 inches of snow in the city proper! For a SoCal native, that was really something. I walked in the snow every single day reveling in my new world. I am sure all of the natives thought I was crazy – some days I was the only person trudging through the streets. I loved it though; when the city is blanketed in snow the sound becomes dampened and it really is a different world. If you are lucky, it can be a private world in the midst of a bustling city.

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