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2003-03-03 - 12:01 p.m.

I live about three miles away from some foothills. Normally they are brown and not very spectacular looking. We have had enough rain in the last few weeks to turn the indigenous landscape green. What has been truly beautiful is that the last few mornings the foothills have been shrouded in a thick mist. The mist swirls around the foothills, the greenery peeks out, and the whole thing looks like a fairy land. It is easy to imagine that there is a world completely separate from the mundane hiding in the mists. Early in the morning, if you squint a little, you can almost see it.

It makes for a lovely setting for reverie. It has even gotten me out of bed and walking early enough in the morning to enjoy the view. I would love to live somewhere that is green all of the time. I look at pictures of Oregon and Washington, and well, I practically swoon. It looks so sweet and restful and tranquil. And green.

Perhaps someday I will get the wet, green landscape I desire. Until then there is so much to do. I have to get through the end of my master’s program. I have to prepare for and take the LSAT. I have to apply to and get into a decent law school. After I make it through law school, I have to find a job and pass the bar. Maybe once all of my career ducks are in a row I will be able to consider lifestyle enhancements. Perhaps I will retire to a lovely cottage near a meadow. That would be very good, yes indeed.

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