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2003-06-01 - 8:02 p.m.

Now that I am getting close to the end of the thesis process, I am wondering what my life is going to be like when it is all done. I am going to be finished with so much. I will be finished with going to school. I will be finished with lectures, homework, and papers. What on earth am I going to do with myself?

I know that I will be spending a considerable amount of time looking for a job. But, that won’t be a 24/7 thing the way school has been. I will also begin preparations for the LSAT. I am not taking it until October, so again, not a 24/7 thing. I really can’t imagine the freedom that will come with leaving work and being done until I go back the next day.

I am not sure that I even remember how to be a social person that has fun. School has made me a stick in the mud and I am not entirely sure how to recover. So many of the things I did for fun before school seem so useless and silly. I am sure they aren’t. It is more likely that I have forgotten how to cut loose and have fun. And, the thing is, I really want to have fun. I only have about a year before law school starts. Seems like I should cut loose a little bit before I am buried by the serious amounts of work that first year law students face.

I know that my friends are all very excited that the end of grad school is imminent. They are looking forward to having me back in circulation. I hope that I will be the fun girl that they remember. Well, if I am not the exact same girl, I hope that I will be a fun and hip approximation. I know that I have changed a lot since I went back to school. I wonder if my friends have changed. I have had all sorts of enriching and fabulous mental exercise. They have been living their lives. I guess we will be getting to know each other all over again.

And Cor… Well Cor has been an angel during the whole thesis process. I know that he is looking forward to having me back too. I think it will be very good for us to have some unstructured time together; time where the only thing I have to worry about is getting up on time to go to work in the morning. I doubt he has anything other than fuzzy memories of me before school started and I became a studying machine.

I hope that I am able to join the “real world” and have a good time. I really do.


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